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Avid Recommendation!

The word prompt for the day is Avid.  I think I will write about something I am avid about. One of my loves is reading. I read anything from True Crimes to Fantasy. About the only things I do not like to read is Biographies and Text Books. Depending on the subject even some of those can be quite entertaining as well. I have a passion for writing as you can see due to the start of the blog. However, I do not have the confidence in my ability to write a story or a novel as some do. I have a few people I know that do this very thing for a living and I have one or two friends that are trying to break into the field of being an author. I, in all actuality, admire their confidence in their abilities and their crafting. Because yes writing a book is an artistic endeavor.

They paint with words instead of colors. They bring characters to life and place them in your home with just a little bit of typing and printing. Making the story play in your mind in a CinemaScopic way. They allow you to fly to another world if for only a few hours to a few days, depending on the book. They allow you into their imaginations and their thoughts. It is a wonderful process because without the reader, there would be no author. Without the author, there would be no readers.  Some people are what I call Holiday readers, the ones who read on their days off. Some people are Anytime readers, they read anytime the urge hits them. And then you have the Avid readers, they read whatever they can get their hands on and whenever they can get their hands on it.

I am not an Avid reader, but more of an anytime reader. But I know what I like and I know what is good writing. I have tried to read some books before and only made it a page or two into the book before I was drawn to something more appealing. Those books are still sitting with the book mark on that page years later. Those are books that I would not recommend to even an avid reader. Although they have probably already read it once at the least. But when you pick up a book and the characters draw you into the story and you see it in movie form in your head you know that is a book worth the read. Better yet when you can finish 457 pages in a matter of 7 hours and want more when the book is done. (That is estimating that the book has 500 words to a page.) Yes, I read it quickly and could not put it down until it was done. I have such a book for recommendation. I will include the link at the end of this post so that you kindle people can find it on Amazon and Nook people can find it on Barnes and Noble. Unfortunately for those of you NON-E-readers this book is not printed in paper form yet.

To tie this into my one-word prompt I guess you would have to say I avidly read this book. from cover to cover and bought it for my daughter as well. I do wish there were printed versions also but that does not always happen when you are starting out. Publishing a book is hard. If you do not want to publish yourself, you must have faith that your book will be read by people who decide for you whether it is worthy or not of being published. But let me ask, did any of them read the book or did they just read the letter that came with it and toss it to the side. Personally, I must wonder exactly who decides what book is going to be good enough for me to read. What I like you may not and what you like I may not. This ties into the perspectives post I made on Friday.


I have read the book due to a friend saying you need to read this. But they know my tastes and the types of books I like. With that being said, I do not know your likes nor your dislikes but I will say that you need to read this book. Even if it is only to get the Author out in this wide world of the web and to readers who may, like me appreciate a good gem when we find one regardless of what others have to say.

The name of the book is Revealed by Shadows by Jeff Cone. I was impressed with his ability to bring the characters to life and by his story telling. I am in love with the brothers. I feel a pull from all three. Their relationship with each other is believable and yet endearing. It is not a typical read as the setting is in modern day but the twists in the book will keep you entertained beyond the word go. I am avid about this book. He is a beginning author, trying to break into the publishing world. I would love for him to see his efforts come to fruition. I avidly advise you to go check out this book and this author. By the way he already has the second book out so you may want to check for it especially if you like the first one.

The kindle link for Revealed by Shadows is:


The Nook link for Revealed by Shadows is:


I am sorry this is a short post but if I say much more then I already have I just might give away the book twists and I do not want to do that for those of you who do chose to read it. For those of you who do not chose to read it, you my friends will never know what you are missing. And it is a treasure to be sure.

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